Sofy Soul




165 cm

Sofy Torn, Sofy Torr, Sofy Soul

09.03.1996 (28 years old)



Real name:
On March 9, 1996, a future Russian porn star was born in Moscow, Russia under the name Sofy Soul. This pretty girl decided at school what she wanted to do and, as soon as she reached adulthood, went into the porn business. Not possessing outstanding and memorable forms, the baby still managed to break into the business and became one of the hottest Russian actresses at the time of 2021. The beauty's height is only 165 centimeters, but it cannot be said that she does not have slender and long legs. Despite the fact that the star did not get a big breast, she skillfully uses an elastic ass and, wagging it, can easily excite anyone. The girl is actively acting in porn and takes on all the roles offered, no matter what she has to do in the frame. Quite often Sophie Soul is filmed in scenes of triolism, where she can please two guys at once, or vice versa – share one member with a girlfriend and a colleague on the set. Often, the beauty performs in anal scenes, which, as far as can be judged by the contented face of the actress and, of course, by loud moans, give her unreal pleasure.

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