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Sofi Smail, Sony Smile, Sonia Smile




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Sofi Smile, like many Russian and foreign porn actresses, was forced to drop out of university when she realized what she wanted to do in life. This attractive girl was born on October 8, 2000 in Russia. A cutie with long legs has a height of 160 centimeters and does not indicate anywhere how much she weighs. However, the offer can be made quite easily, because considering that she is quite thin and short, her weight should not exceed 50 kilograms. It is worth noting that this girl, unlike many others, became famous not only because of her skills and desire to have sex without stopping, but also thanks to a wide smile. This pretty actress agrees to a variety of scenes, including lesbian, traditional, interracial and anal sex. Also recently, young Sophie Smile began to participate in hot group sex, where she gets a violent orgasm from double penetration, and also demonstrates the ability to suck big dicks, and so that several guys at once bring to the peak of pleasure. Triolism and group sex are not all that this skinny girl is capable of, because recently she also began to participate in gang bang.

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