165 cm

Shey Fox, Shay Foxx

17.01.1969 (55 years old)


60 kg

Real name:
Many people believe that forty years is already an age when nothing can be achieved and, perhaps, it is not even worth trying. However, Shay Fox is living proof of the opposite. She was born on January 17, 1969 in California, USA. She lived a quiet and happy life, but at the age when she was already called mom, she decided to make a little variety and began acting in porn. It is worth noting that Shay Fox is not a mediocre actress, the number of films with which you can count on your fingers. She is very popular, and mostly thanks to her huge breasts. But this was not always the case, because the childhood of the future star cannot be called carefree. As soon as her studies ended, she got a job in a cafe and quickly realized that it would not be possible to earn enough money for a comfortable stay in this way. Then she became a dancer, and soon her career in porn began, in 2010. For the first film, which lasted only 15 minutes, the burning brunette earned fifteen hundred dollars, and therefore decided to continue having sex in front of the cameras. Even at the time of 2020, she actively continues to delight the audience with new pictures with her participation, but at the same time understands that she will soon have to end her career and then, as she herself claims, she will help aspiring actresses prove themselves.

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