170 cm


03.09.1984 (39 years old)


60 kg

Real name:
Sandra Star was born on December 12, 1986 in Berlin, Germany. This hot blonde is the happy owner of silicone breasts, as well as plump lips and, of course, beautiful eyes. Among other things, the chick has slender and long legs with a height of 170 centimeters. At the same time, she weighs 52 kilograms. There is no exact information about when a hot German woman went into the porn business, but it is known that now she is actively continuing to do what she loves and is not going to end there. The insatiable blonde is engaged in a variety of types of sex, believing that each of them gives a lot of pleasure, and this is the main reason why she started a career in adult entertainment. Often, a milf with huge buffers plays the role of insatiable moms who are ready for anything for the sake of orgasm. She even stars in anal sex scenes and boldly admits that she gets many times more pleasure from it than from the traditional one. Sandra Star also takes part in group sex and skillfully works with her mouth. Blowjob is one of the favorite parts of an insatiable German woman, since it is followed by an ending on her face, and she simply cannot live without it.

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