170 cm

Sally Dangelo

12.03.1954 (69 years old)


71 kg

Real name:
Sally D'Angelo was born on March 12, 1954 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. This hot old lady is one of those porn actresses who is able to give shape to any young and show what real sex is. Actually, this is what a hot and insatiable blonde in age is doing. She weighs 71 kilograms, and the height of the famous actress of the genre "MILF" is 170 centimeters. She has not only long legs and a big ass, but also silicone tits, and so big that it is simply impossible to look away from them, and especially in the process of hot sex. It is not surprising that Sally D'Angelo has become so popular not only in America, but also around the world. This old lady performs a variety of "feints" in the frame, thanks to which she surprises not only partners on the set, but also avid porn lovers. She is quite often filmed in scenes of traditional and interracial sex, and also practices anal and group sex. Also, often an older blonde demonstrates the ability to suck big dicks, and among other things enjoys double penetration and gets many times more pleasure if all this happens in an interracial group sex.

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