163 cm


22.05.1998 (25 years old)


42 kg

Real name:
Do you know many modest and popular porn actresses? We think that there are very few of them left in the modern world, because now, in order to please the audience, you need to perform something that the stars didn't even think about before. So Roxy Lips did not deny herself absolutely anything and began to act in exactly the kind of porn that she herself always liked. Baby was born on May 22, 1998 in Russia. The sexy girl weighs 42 kilograms, and her height is 163 centimeters. The Russian woman does not have big tits, but at the same time is the happy owner of an elastic ass with long legs. She regularly shows off her gorgeous forms in each of her films, where she takes part in a variety of scenes. These include scenes with masturbation, lesbian, traditional, interracial and anal sex. Among other things, Roxy Lips is happy to participate in scenes of triolism, group sex and gang bangs. The actress also admits that she loves not only double penetration, but also moments when partners fuck her hard in a deep throat, and therefore even agreed to bukkake.

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