25.12.1995 (28 years old)



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Purple Bitch is perhaps the most popular webcam model and stands out especially strongly from the rest. After watching just a few videos with the participation of an attractive beauty, you can understand why many people like her so much and are very popular. The girl was born on December 25, 1995. Despite the small breasts, the model has an elastic ass and in addition compensates for one drawback with the help of a cute face. By the way, it is quite often decorated, because a pretty Purple Bitch regularly makes cosplays for heroes of various genres. She often tries on the roles of popular actresses, becomes a superhero and even a hero from all sorts of cartoons and games, just to please the fans. It's hard to even guess how much Purple Bitch spends money on revealing outfits, and it's also worth noting that she is the happy owner of a whole collection of various toys. She regularly uses them in her videos, and also helps her girlfriends, who often take part here, to cum. The actress loves anime, comics, Marvel Studio movies, as well as anal sex. There is no doubt about the latter, because she often puts out exactly such scenes where she enjoys penetration into a tight ass and it does not matter to her at all whether it will be a penis or a large dildo of a non-standard shape.

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