160 cm

Priya Anjali Rai, Priya Rai Anjali, Rira Raid, Priya Rai Anjeli

25.12.1977 (46 years old)


45 kg

Real name:
There are quite a few Indian porn actresses in the world who would achieve the same fame and popularity as Priya Rai. She was born on December 25, 1977 in New Delhi, India. The full name of the actress is Priya Anjali Rai. At the age of 2, the beauty was adopted by an American couple and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. In Arizona, she studied at the university, but dropped out because of an irresistible desire to become a porn actress. Before realizing her dream, a burning brunette with brown eyes worked as a model, as well as a stripper. So the future star lived for 12 years, and only then tried herself in the porn industry. The weight of the actress is 45 kilograms, and her height is 160 centimeters. The burning mother at the time of 2021 actively continues to act in porn, despite the fact that she ended her career in 2013. After a long break until 2018, she returned to the profession to prove to everyone, and most importantly to herself, that she can still give a head start to any young star. Priya Rai has a large silicone breast, with which she effortlessly attracts attention to herself. In 2013, the actress married a businessman whose name she did not disclose. She has two children, and at the age of 35 became a grandmother.

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