Patty Michova




164 cm


26.10.1992 (31 years old)


50 kg

Real name:
Patty Michova
Trencin, Slovakia, October 26, 1992 is the moment when one of the most charming and desirable actresses of our time, Patty Michova, was born. This preoccupied beauty did not always dream of becoming an actress of adult films, but when she received such an offer from a friend, she agreed without hesitation. Even then, the brunette clearly knew that sex gives her pleasure, but there is also a chance to earn money in this business. Therefore, the beauty who lost her virginity at the age of 16, without hesitation, began to pose in front of the cameras. At that time, Patti Michova was 21 years old. The actress gained popularity when both the audience and the producers noticed big tits. The hot brunette decided that this was not enough, and therefore additionally had plastic surgery and increased her already beautiful breasts to the fourth size. The girl is filmed in a variety of scenes, which include lesbian, traditional, anal and group sex. Patty herself has repeatedly admitted that most of all she likes it when several members enter the holes at once, and therefore you can find a huge number of films where the actress enjoys double penetration and gets sensual orgasms over and over again.

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