163 cm

Olga Cabaeva, Mistress Veronica, Lana Phukzalot, Olga Cabaeca, Olga Cabeva, Patrizia Berger

11.10.1980 (43 years old)


57 kg

Real name:
On October 11, 1980, the future star Olga Cabaeva was born in Russia, which everyone now knows thanks to explicit scenes in porn. This curvy mother does not know exactly when to stop, and therefore does things in films that many will never dare. Initially, a slut with a huge ass, who regularly appears in the frame with a hairy cap, planned to engage only in masturbation in front of the camera. As a result, the milf went all out and began to practice lesbian and traditional sex. When this was not enough for the fat woman, she went further and began to have anal sex. Also, the crumpet, whose height is 163 centimeters, and weight is 55 kilograms, is not averse to fooling around alone, but now she boldly shoves toys into tight holes and gets a real and genuine orgasm from this. Among other things, Olga Kabaeva regularly shows how skillfully she works with her mouth and gives guys pleasure with a blowjob. She is often filmed with lesbians, who are pleased with fisting and even gets high from fists in narrow and hairy slits.

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