157 cm

Natasha Nyce, Nat Nice

28.07.1988 (35 years old)


57 kg

Real name:
Tatiani Laurent
Natasha Nice was born on July 28, 1988 in Paris, France. She is considered one of the most popular and desirable actresses not only in her native country, but also around the world. The girl in childhood and adolescence never denied herself anything, as she grew up in a rich family. After graduating from high school, she entered a private Hollywood acting studio and planned to become a real actress. When her studies here ended, Natasha Nice did not even try out for roles in Hollywood films, but realized that she liked the porn industry more. Despite the fact that her parents did not support the choice of a hot chick, she planned to continue doing what she loved. In 2006, the girl turned 18 and the first adult film with her participation was born. Natasha quickly became popular due to her large breasts and willingness to give herself to every partner on the set. In 2009, Nice and her friends were detained by the police for indecent behavior, and therefore had to stop filming for a while. At the time of 2020, the actress actively continues to act in porn and admits that she does not want to stop and is proud of the title of porn idol, which she has been since the very beginning of her career, although 13 years have passed.

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