160 cm


27.02.1990 (34 years old)


44 kg

Real name:
Анастасия Костина (Вашукевич)
There are a large number of adult film actresses in the world who have become famous due to various scandals and intrigues. So Nastya Rybka can be attributed to this category. The infamous girl was born on February 27, 1990 in Bobruisk. However, according to the official information provided on the page Vakushevich – Nastya's real name - it can be concluded that she was born seven years later, that is, in 1997. It should be noted right away that this information is not confirmed and even on the contrary, refuted. The fact is that the girl deliberately changed her age on the VKontakte social network, wanting to seduce a very rich and influential man. Anastasia became famous at the moment when she was detained by the Moscow police. The reason for the arrest was having sex in a public place. She was just filming her friend giving herself to a stranger right on the embankment. In addition, this scandalous girl was also in Thailand, where she was also arrested, and again everyone started talking about her. She was charged under Article 240 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which implies involvement in prostitution. At the same time, the girl herself has repeatedly appeared on the web as a porn actress, if, of course, she can be called such. In her videos, Nastya only gives herself to her friend and colleague Alex Leslie, and so skillfully that she can easily excite everyone.

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