Milla Vincent




166 cm

Serenity, Cody, Codie, Alissa, Cindy, Holly, Ida, Irena, Kamila, Karen, Kitty, Lana Lay, Mila, Milla Vincent, Minny, Molly, Taniya, Zoe, Oxana Okladnikova

31.12.1989 (34 years old)


48 kg

Real name:
Оксана Окладникова
Milla Vincent does not have a gorgeous body or a cute face that would be remembered by the audience, but at the same time she managed to get into the soul of some fans and is now rightfully called one of the most burning and hot Russian actresses of her time. She was born on December 31, 1989 in St. Petersburg, Russia. I started acting in porn right after coming of age, when I realized that you can get a violent orgasm and earn money. As far as we know, now the actress has long been tied up with performances in front of the camera, but to this day you can find videos where she pleased men and even girlfriends, as many current stars never dreamed of. The girl was filmed not only in lesbian and traditional scenes, but also in anal. Occasionally, the chick allowed herself to be mocked in the frame and even enjoyed hardcore hammering in the BDSM style. Among other things, there are videos on the web where Milla Vincent pampers her girlfriend with a big strap-on, and then she takes it so deep in the ass that she cums over and over again and did not stop until the second lesbian ran out of strength.

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