170 cm


28.07.1981 (42 years old)



Real name:
midju show was born on July 28, 1981 in Ukraine. Despite the fact that a hot and insatiable blonde at the age of began her career relatively recently, she has already managed to achieve some success and has become one of the most popular girls in the CIS countries. The beauty weighs 55 kilograms despite the fact that her height is 170 centimeters. The famous actress regularly performs not only with her own young man, but also with her friends. She does not deny herself the pleasure of both traditional and lesbian sex. In addition, the mature beauty is regularly filmed in scenes with anal sex, which, judging by the loud moans, she likes much more than other types. Has no tattoos and piercings, but at the same time has a large silicone breast. Recently, I have been releasing videos more and more often, wanting to please a fan. Actually, we can conclude that she succeeded, since the number of views and subscribers is constantly growing, and the midju show itself regularly continues to get a violent orgasm in front of the camera. She is also often filmed alone, where she caresses herself with playful fingers and various toys.

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