Marina Visconti




157 cm

Sheila, Marina Viskonti, Mariana Visconti, Marina V, Marina Visconni, Marina Visenti, Roxana, Sheila B, Shelia, Vika B, Vika Dajvodku

30.03.1995 (29 years old)


63 kg

Real name:
Виктория Бондурко
Marina Visconti has managed to fall in love with many, despite the fact that she started her career in the porn industry relatively recently. The star was born on March 30, 1995 in Moscow, Russia. The hot beauty weighs 58 kilograms, and her height is only 157 centimeters. Despite this, it can be noted that the actress is the owner of rather long legs, but the main part of the body that is most worth paying attention to is the chest. Marina Visconti boasts huge tits, which she regularly uses on the set. She not only gives her partners on the site to jam them, but also constantly clamps them with big dicks, which skillfully excites both the guys standing next to her and the fans sitting at the monitors. The hot Muscovite is not going to stop there and there is no doubt about it, because once, when the girl was just starting her career, she was modest and vulnerable, and soon she began to engage in not only traditional, but also anal sex. Moreover, as you can see in some films, the busty actress gets much more pleasure from penetration into the ass, and sometimes even enjoys double penetration, and this is not all Marina's skills.

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