163 cm

My Mandy Girl, Mymandygirl



53 kg

Real name:
Mandy Flores was born on March 19, 1989 in Seattle, Washington, USA. In 2009, the beauty realized that it was simply necessary to find a job that would not only bring money, but also bring unreal pleasure. Realizing that she is absolutely not shy about cameras and is ready to show off a gorgeous body for an infinite time, the girl began a career in the porn industry. The star weighs 53 kilograms, and its height is 163 centimeters. The beauty has quite large breasts, as well as an appetizing ass, it is simply impossible to tear her eyes away from it. A beautiful and anxious American woman with artificial tits is engaged in various types of sex and is filmed not only under the guidance of major studios, but also at home. Mandy Flores often takes part in scenes with lesbian and anal sex, and best of all she knows how to work with her mouth. This actress regularly demonstrates in her films, where no guy has yet left without an orgasm from her embrace. In her free time, the star likes to sunbathe on the beach and just have fun, relax with friends and everything that ordinary girls like.

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