170 cm

Kristina Sweet, LuxuryGirl

10.05.1993 (31 years old)


56 kg

Real name:
A simple girl born in Russia has become famous and popular all over the world – it's not even surprising, because many achieve such a result. However, it is worth noting that today our heroine became famous when she started acting in porn, and in just a couple of days. Luxury Girl was born on May 10, 1993 in Moscow, Russia. For a short time she lived in New York with her boyfriend, and then, after parting, returned to her homeland. She then stopped at an old acquaintance, together with whom she decided to find a job that would not only bring income, but also bring pleasure. During the search for a dream job, the couple found themselves on the Pornhub site and Kristina Sweet quickly realized what she wanted to do. She persuaded a friend to shoot a couple of videos, which immediately began to gain popularity on the Internet. He believes that it is thanks to real emotions and a violent orgasm, which he experiences in every film, where he takes part exclusively with his young man, that they have become popular. To this day, Kristina receives various offers from well-known studios, but refuses them if another man should act as a sexual partner. In the videos, she quite often shows how skillfully she can work with her mouth, and also acts in scenes of traditional, anal and rarely lesbian sex.

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