10.11.1999 (24 years old)



Real name:
LittleReislin was born on November 10, 1999 in Riga, Latvia. For a long time, the girl could not decide what she wanted to do, but in the end she still chose a career as a porn actress. Fortunately for the fans, the beauty did not lose and began to gain popularity very quickly. And the thing is that a cute and pretty girl has never pretended in front of the camera and has always experienced a real orgasm. She continues to act as a webcam model with great pleasure, and does it together with her boyfriend. It is important to note that the beauty is not afraid of experiments and willingly agrees to a variety of tests. So, for example, she repeatedly took part in scenes of triolism, sharing a guy's penis with her friends. By the way, LittleReislin really likes to give his partner pleasure with his mouth. The actress herself claims that it turns her on so much that sometimes, if she works with her fingers a little, she can even finish. The cutie also does not refuse scenes with anal sex, and a distinctive feature of all videos with her participation is high–quality shooting, good sound and, of course, a violent orgasm. Reislin weighs only 48 kilograms, and her height is 162 centimeters.

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