Lilli Vanilli




165 cm


08.12.1991 (32 years old)


60 kg

Real name:
It's no secret that German porn is a separate art form. Such adult films need to be able to shoot and so, one brave and attractive girl decided to try herself in this. Lilli Vanilli, who was born on December 8, 1991 in Germany, began her career in the porn industry when she passed a difficult selection in a popular studio in 2017. A sweet and charming blonde weighs 60 kilograms, and her height is 165 centimeters. She managed to seduce the agents, and now the audience is pleased, showing not only long legs, but also an elastic ass and big breasts. Pretty woman spends almost all her free time in the gym, and all in order to keep her figure in shape and continue to please fans. The main secret of Lily Vanilla's perfect shape is regular and gorgeous sex, which she has plenty of in her life. She can safely suck a guy's big dick right in front of the camera, and then, in the best traditions of German porn, let him fuck a narrow ass in different poses. Thanks to this, the star not only earns money, but also gets a violent orgasm every day.

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