13.04.1997 (27 years old)



Real name:
LeoLulu is one of the most mysterious actresses of our time, or rather, a couple. It is worth noting right away that a pretty girl who performs under this pseudonym is filmed only with her husband. Leo is a girl with an elastic ass and long legs, and Lulu is a guy whose press can only be envied. They started their career in 2017, when they registered on the Pornhub site. However, it is worth noting that up to this point they were actively practicing shooting in front of a webcam and were streaming. It was only there that you could occasionally see their faces, but finding these videos on the web is a big difficulty. Now the couple is a mystery to many, except, perhaps, a partner who regularly shoots with them in scenes of triolism. The actress was born on April 13, 1997 in France. He is tall, equal to 170 centimeters, and weighs 52 kilograms. In their free time, the couple visits gyms and even there manages to record candid videos and even make love. A cutie with a sporty figure does not have tattoos, but there are piercings on her body. It is often filmed in scenes of anal sex, when there is a mood and you want to pamper not only the audience, but also the soul mate.

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