Lena Reif




164 cm

Katya Zartpopsi, Nastya Svoboda, Lena Y

15.04.2000 (24 years old)


51 kg

Real name:
Lena Reif was born on April 15, 2000 in Russia. Since the actress has only recently turned twenty, it can be concluded that she started her career relatively recently. But this does not mean that at the time of 2021, no one knows about this baby yet. It's even the opposite, and we can say that this Russian woman is very popular, not only in Russia, but all over the world. This is not surprising at all, because the girl has a gorgeous body, as well as a cute face and, of course, long legs. Without having big breasts, Lena Reif manages to show herself in such a way that she can excite anyone in a matter of seconds. It is worth noting that this disadvantage is easily compensated by an appetizing ass. The Russian actress has several tattoos, as well as piercings. The girl often appears in various scenes, and mostly participates in beautiful porn. Gentle – does not mean not passionate – proves the actress, demonstrating various skills in her films. Often Nastya Prokhorova is the real name of the actress, not only gives herself to the pussy, but works with her mouth, but also participates in anal scenes. And also filmed together with lesbians, showing that even girls can be brought to the limit with the help of a playful tongue.

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