Leigh Darby




181 cm

Ultimate MILF

02.03.1980 (44 years old)


63 kg

Real name:
On March 2, 1980, in Manchester, England, the future star Leigh Darby was born, who is now known to almost every porn lover. This sexy beauty instantly became popular when she started acting in the genre of "MILF". Of course, before that, the actress also participated in sex scenes, but the most recognition came at the moment of her "growing up". It's no secret that now hot moms with silicone tits are interested in viewers many times more than cute and petite girls who don't really have anything yet. Fortunately, Lee Darby cannot be classified as "incompetent", as she boldly does things in the frame that many did not even guess. With a rather large height of 180 centimeters, the actress weighs 63 kilograms, which can not but speak about her chic forms. In her films, a preoccupied chick is happy to demonstrate not only a beautiful body, but also skills that she has been working on for years. The actress is actively engaged in various types of sex and does not plan to stop there, believing that in life you need to try everything, and even more so if your favorite activity brings not only pleasure, but also money.

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