152 cm

Lady Fyre, Olivia Fyre, Goddess Fyre

24.01.1984 (40 years old)


45 kg

Real name:
It's no secret that hot moms who still have gorgeous shapes are very popular in the modern world. Lady Fyre is one of those people who easily attracted a lot of attention by deciding to become a real porn actress. This preoccupied milf often appears not only in famous studios, but also at home, where she also shows all the talents she has acquired during her career. She was born on January 24, 1984 in Washington, United States of America. The main reason why this insatiable mom has become famous and one of the most desirable is big breasts. She has never suffered from a lack of attention and this is not surprising, because it is simply impossible to look away from huge buffers. Olivia Fyre is one of the many aliases Lady Fi uses in front of the cameras. She is very happy to do what she loves – sex and shows the audience how much you can get high from it. A mature actress does not deny pleasure to either guys or girls, and therefore quite often you can see films where she has lesbian sex, and also takes part in scenes of triolism. Recently, I began to do cosplays often, when they reached the peak of popularity and began to interest everyone. The hot milf weighs 45 kilograms, and her height can be called relatively small, since it is only 152 centimeters.

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