165 cm


28.09.1995 (28 years old)



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It's no secret that in the modern world, porn lovers are interested not only in professional actresses, but also chicks who shoot homemade porn. These include webcam models, because often they just pose in front of the cameras and fuck to orgasm, and with rare exceptions create content worthy of being called a porn movie. Now we want to introduce you to one of these lovers of home video – kissmur. Unfortunately, there is no exact information about when and where the chick was born, but it is known for sure that she is from Russia. The girl has recently started trying herself as a webcam model, but has already managed to fall in love with many. Most likely, this happened thanks to the chic shapes of the chick, as well as her desire to fuck in front of the camera. Often in her videos, Kissmur shows off her tits and elastic ass, and the main thing she does is pamper a guy with a deep blowjob. The busty chick does it so skillfully that some of the viewers even take these videos for instructions on deep suction, but in fact the Russian woman just gets high and enjoys life without being afraid to show it on camera.

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