163 cm

Caty Combell, Kathy Campbel, Katy Cambel, Cathy Cambell, Katia Nobili, Katia Campbell, Caty Campbell, Katty Campbell

21.06.1982 (41 years old)


65 kg

Real name:
On January 30, 1984, a pretty girl was born in the Czech Republic, who, to the surprise of many, decided to build a career in the porn industry and achieved her goal. Kathia Nobili is one of those actresses who can easily fulfill any assignment of a producer, while thinking not about earnings, but exclusively about her fans. The girl started her career in 2007, and for this she even moved to Budapest, Hungary. There is a beauty with a small breast, which, by the way, is not going to increase, quickly began to gain popularity. In her films, she often plays the role of a mistress who likes to mock her partners and selfishly tries to finish, no matter what. In real life, Katya Nobili is completely different. She loves to sunbathe on the beach, and in her free time she regularly exercises to maintain a chic figure in shape. She weighs 56 kilograms, and her height is 165 centimeters. The hot Czech is the owner of large green eyes, looking into which, it seems, you can drown. She skillfully uses this in her films, where she manages to seduce not only the partners on the set, but also the cameramen, and most importantly, the audience.

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