173 cm

Julie Ann

08.10.1969 (54 years old)


57 kg

Real name:
Julia Tavella - Джулия Тавелла
On October 8, 1969, in Glendale, California, USA, the porn actress Julia Ann, now known to almost everyone, was born. At birth, the girl was named Julia Tavella, but when she started her career in the porn industry, she decided to take a pseudonym. As a child and while studying at school, I loved music very much and played the piano. At the age of 17, she moved to Los Angeles, where a year later she began a career in modeling. Around the same time, Julia Ann started working in Hollywood, and soon began to receive offers to star in porn, which the hot beauty could not refuse. In 1993, the blonde first appeared in Andrew Blake's porn movie, where she showed herself in all her glory and engaged in lesbian sex with her friend Janine Lindmalder. On June 21, 2003, she married Michael Raven, an adult film director, but the marriage did not last long. The long-legged blonde has a height of 173 centimeters, and at the same time weighs 58 kilograms and, despite the fact that she is the owner of a large silicone breast. She is filmed in the MILF genre, where she successfully plays the role of sexy moms, whose main task is to have sex properly and earn a bright orgasm. As of 2018, it is known that Ann has starred in more than 950 porn films.

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