170 cm

Jozephine Jackson, Josephine B, Josephine J, Julie Senyuk, Yuliya Senyuk

01.02.1995 (29 years old)


59 kg

Real name:
Юлия Сенюк
Yulia Senyuk was born on February 1, 1995, Ukraine. The sexy Ukrainian woman did not hide her gorgeous forms from people and began to show them to everyone. For a short time the girl worked as a model of the erotic genre, and soon she wanted a little variety and decided to try herself as an actress of adult films. A hot beauty with big breasts immediately became popular when she began to show off her forms in front of the cameras on the set. She easily excited not only her partners, but also the viewers who were sitting at the screens. The actress weighs 56 kilograms, and her height is 162 centimeters. A curvy chick, as you might have guessed, has big natural tits, which in movies she quite often pours oil on, making them even more attractive. Josephine Jackson is the pseudonym of a Ukrainian beauty who enjoys lesbian and traditional sex in her films with great pleasure. Once the girl even visited Woodman's casting, where for the first time in her life she gave both holes to fuck and fully enjoyed double penetration, so much so that she still feels how the trunks penetrate the cracks and stretch them well.

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