162 cm

Jenny Ferri

19.09.1998 (25 years old)


48 kg

Real name:
Who wouldn't want to spend the night with a hot young student who is ready for absolutely anything for the sake of a violent orgasm? We think that almost everyone has had such thoughts, but not everyone manages to make a dream come true. Fortunately, there is a Russian porn actress who performs under the pseudonym Jenny Fer, who regularly plays the roles of naive students. It's worth watching a couple of movies with her participation, because there the chick is able to make anyone cum with just a glance. The beauty was born on September 19, 1998 in Russia. In fact, the actress's name is Marina Romanova, but she tries to hide it, believing that fans should only know as Jenny Fehr. The beauty's height is 162 centimeters, and she weighs 48 kilograms. It is worth noting that the Russian woman has an appetizing and elastic ass, despite the fact that she has practically no boobs. Looking at a cute girl, you can decide that she is engaged in exceptionally gentle and beautiful sex, but everything is exactly the opposite. Jenny admits that she gets the most pleasure from anal sex, and also gets high from double penetration in scenes of triolism and group sex. Among other things, the chick loves to work with her mouth and thus can bring the partner to the peak of pleasure very, very quickly.

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