160 cm


23.08.1995 (28 years old)


45 kg

Real name:
Hime Marie can rightfully be called one of the most insatiable and depraved girls of our time. This attractive girl is ready to do absolutely anything to please as many viewers as possible, and also, of course, to get a violent orgasm. Sexy chick was born on August 23, 1995 in New Mexico, USA. The blonde with brown eyes weighs only 45 kilograms with a height of 160 centimeters. It does not differ in large breasts and, as she has repeatedly stated, she is not going to increase it. Also, the girl does not have piercings and tattoos, believing that her body is beautiful without unnecessary inscriptions and drawings. Before starting a career in the porn industry, the future star worked as a makeup artist and a shift worker in some hairdressing salons. At the age of 20, the girl thought about changing her career and decided to try herself as a webcam model. Hime Mari did not even think that she would become popular so quickly, but she was sure that she was not going to stop there. In November 2016, after a short break in performances, the actress continued to appear on the Chaturbate website. In July 2017, when the skinny girl turned 21, she began acting in real porn. A month after the start of her career, she performed anal sex for Tushy Studio. At the end of 2018, she starred in a double penetration scene for the Blacked studio for the first time.

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