175 cm

Gisha Forza

08.02.1992 (32 years old)



Real name:
Регина Галеева Дамировна
Gisha Forza was born on February 8, 1992 in Russia. A young and groovy girl often changes her hair color, but often in films she can be found with red strands. She, like many other actresses, did not plan to start a career in the porn industry, but the need for money forced her to do so. Initially, the girl only wanted to try herself as a porn model, but soon it became her lifestyle. And this is not surprising, because adult films are a great opportunity to earn money, as well as to get a violent orgasm. The curvy chick immediately became popular in the CIS countries and became famous, most likely, due to the elastic ass. She bravely bragged about it in front of the camera and was not afraid of what would happen to her next. Gisha Forza started with traditional and lesbian sex, and soon started breaking bad. Then the Russian beauty began to take part in scenes with interracial, anal, double and double anal penetration, as well as in group and even gang bangs. All this and much more gives the girl not only wealth, for which everything was conceived, but also a long-awaited orgasm, which is unlikely to be experienced in real life.

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