152 cm


10.04.1998 (26 years old)


50 kg

Real name:
In a world full of depraved porn actresses who, for the sake of fame and, of course, a violent orgasm, are ready for anything. Fortunately, their number is constantly growing, because some newcomers who come to the porn industry have such skills and forms that they are able to excite anyone without much effort. Among these are Gabriela Lopez. She was born on April 10, 1998 in Sebring, Florida, USA. Despite the height and weight of the beauty, which are equal to 152 centimeters and 50 kilograms, respectively, she has long and slender legs, as well as an awesome ass and big breasts. The brunette is absolutely not shy about showing herself in all her glory, believing that such a gorgeous body should not be hidden from fans. Quite often, Gabriela Lopez is filmed in scenes of masturbation, traditional and lesbian sex, and she also likes to take part in scenes of triolism, both with two guys and vice versa - in LJ. The beautiful actress also admits that she is not averse to trying group sex, but only if it does not include anal, because she has not yet decided on it. But the brunette works so skillfully with her mouth that both the partners on the set and the fans completely forget about everything in the world.

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