164 cm


07.06.1994 (30 years old)


55 kg

Real name:
German porn has always been considered the most passionate and hardcore. But this has long been in the past, because all modern German women, like other porn stars, prefer to satisfy the needs of fans in order to become more popular, and hard sex now belongs to the "amateur" category. Fortunately, some attractive chicks born in this country sometimes take part in hardcore scenes. For example, these include Gabi Gold, who was born on June 7, 1994 in Germany. The pretty blonde weighs 55 kilograms and has a relatively small height of 165 centimeters. She does not have large breasts, but is the happy owner of an elastic ass, which appeared thanks to regular workouts in her free time. The German woman's body is not decorated with tattoos and piercings, unlike many modern actresses. As mentioned earlier, the girl likes to experiment and often takes part in scenes of hard sex, including anal. Gabi Gold stars in traditional, lesbian and interracial scenes. The beauty often demonstrates skills and proves that she can bring any partner to orgasm with just her mouth.

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