163 cm

Emma Hix, Crissy Kay, Emma Hicks

25.10.1997 (26 years old)


50 kg

Real name:
Emma Hix was born on October 25, 1997 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. This skinny blonde can easily excite anyone, which, in fact, she shows in her films. The pretty baby weighs 45 kilograms, and at the same time her height is 165 centimeters. It cannot be said that the beauty does not have slender and long legs, because as soon as she spreads them, the members of the partners immediately rise. Emma Hicks has several tattoos, and says about her small breasts that she is not going to increase it and spoil her already gorgeous body. Recently, a pretty actress began to take part in scenes of triolism, group and anal sex. Often, the baby even agrees to interracial slotting, during which she skillfully serves black guys with tight holes and a skillful mouth. The actress has already shown that she is not afraid of trials, and therefore boldly takes up all offers and easily brings partners to the peak of pleasure. Emma doesn't even care if a girl or a guy is lying in bed with her. Also, the skinny girl enjoys double penetration and moans so loudly that it becomes clear that this is the kind of sex she likes at times more than others.

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