168 cm

Delilah G, Annabell, Danica A, Amanda

01.01.1990 (33 years old)


48 kg

Real name:
Наталья Немчинова, Андреева
Many people know that girls who have achieved recognition in the porn industry and managed to reach certain heights usually did not strive for this. So it happened with our heroine today, who was born in Moscow, on January 14, 1991. Popularity came to her at the moment when the sexy beauty got the title of "Miss Moscow". The desire to earn extra money got the upper hand over Delilah G and she, having planned to squeeze out the maximum, began to agree to a variety of photo shoots. Then she got into the taste and even started posing naked in front of the cameras. Having shown herself in all her glory, the cute blonde decided to go further and made her porn debut. Actually, it was here that Natalia Nemchinova took the pseudonym Delilah Gee. An accidental appearance at a football match, where a modest beauty got into the frame, added popularity, as journalists quickly dubbed her "the most beautiful cheerleader", and then the secret that Natalia starred in adult films got out. It is worth noting that this even added an incentive to the girl to continue working in this direction, wanting to reach ever greater heights.

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