173 cm

Mary Grey, Anna Hill, Anna Gi, Conny Carter, Anna Kolarova, Conny Lior, Josephine

24.11.1988 (35 years old)


55 kg

Real name:
Connie Carter is one of the few actresses who knew from her youth what she wanted to do in the future. Following a dream, a pretty girl with big breasts started a career in the porn industry, and it happened in 2008. An attractive star was born on November 24, 1988, which means that at the time of the start of filming in porn, she was 20 years old. The Czech woman with long legs quickly became popular, and all, most likely, thanks to a distinctive feature – the fourth breast size. Hot Connie Carter weighs 51 kilograms, and her height at that time is 173 centimeters. The brown-eyed actress never denied herself the pleasure and therefore did only what she could cum abundantly in films. At the same time, the Czech woman received a high salary and demanded more and more every day. She regularly appears in scenes with lesbian sex, and also engages in traditional and anal. Often the actress can be seen in gentle porn, during which she moans loudly and genuinely cums over and over again.

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