170 cm

Marceline, Marceline Moore, Clany, Clary Lesbian, Busty Clary

27.06.1998 (24 years old)



Real name:
Natural breasts are a rarity in the modern world, because a long time ago the girls realized that the figure can be adjusted as they want. Only some of the famous actresses with such charms did not increase their tits. Fortunately, not all beauties have been transferred yet, having natural virtues that it is not a shame to brag about. For example, Clary, who was born on June 27, 1998 in Russia. The long-legged chick has a height of 170 centimeters and does not disclose her own weight. She has huge tits, thanks to which she became famous when she started her career as a porn star. In some sources, the pseudonym of the actress sounds like Busty Clary, which means - busty. This Russian woman is filmed in many scenes, most of which belong to the genre of "beautiful porn". In other films, the chick reveals herself from a completely different side and there demonstrates such skills that even she herself could not have suspected. For example, Clary takes penises in her mouth with great pleasure and easily gives the guys maximum pleasure, while getting high herself. The actress also loves anal sex, which she does regularly and thus always gets charged with a good mood and, of course, keeps her figure in shape.

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