166 cm


15.01.1985 (39 years old)


49 kg

Real name:
Claire Castel was born on January 15, 1985 in Bordeaux, France. He has a relatively small height of 166 centimeters, and weighs 49 kilograms at the same time. Does not have a large breast, but at the same time responsibly declares that he is not going to increase it. The actress decorated the body with several tattoos, as well as a piercing in the navel. In 2010, the future star of adult films began her career and began to delight fans. It is worth noting that it happened quite late, because at that time Claire Castel was already 24 years old, while many porn actresses start acting at the age of 18-19. However, this did not prevent the Frenchwoman from quickly liking not only the audience, but also the producers. The girl has been nominated for a variety of awards many times, and in 2018 she won the AVN Awards in the nomination "Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Film". We can confidently say that the chick has tried a lot during her career, because she starred in a variety of scenes and engaged not only in lesbian and traditional, but also anal sex, and also tried group sex, where she demonstrated how skillfully she can work with her mouth.

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