175 cm

Brianna Banks

21.05.1979 (44 years old)


50 kg

Real name:
Briana Bany - Бриана Бани
A sexy silicone blonde in age is such a lady that you will definitely not be able to resist. Briana Banks, a German woman who was born on May 21, 1978 in Munich, Germany, fits this description exactly. Even before becoming a porn actress, the girl worked as a model and, frankly, continues to pose in front of cameras until now, using the pseudonym "Mirage", and since 2000 she has not changed it to the current one. The real name of the actress is Briana Bani. The beautiful actress has a younger sister, whom she took with her when she left her mother's house at the age of 16 and became independent. The girl lost her virginity at the age of 17. At the age of 19, she began to try herself as a model and immediately got on the cover of Teen Magazine. Among other things, at that time the future star worked as a manager in an insurance company, as well as a pizza chef specializing in pizza preparation. After another candid photo shoot, the girl received an offer to become a porn actress and in 1999, when she turned 21, she began a career in adult entertainment. It's no secret that Briana Banks is considered the owner of the longest legs in the history of porn – they are equal to 91 centimeters. In 2011, she suspended her career, but in 2016 she continued to do what she loved again and was included in the XRCO Hall of Fame.

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