05.05.1988 (35 years old)



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Many Russian moms, tired of boredom and monotony, decide to go into porn. However, not all of them want to have sex with strangers, and therefore some prefer to shoot homemade porn. So it happened with blonde milfy, who once bought a webcam and tried on the role of a real model. This mature chick was born on May 5, 1988 in Russia. There is no information about what parameters the webcam model has, but it is safe to say that she has an appetizing ass, as well as small breasts. Quite often, an insatiable blonde with a talking pseudonym chooses revealing outfits for filming in order to please not only the man she is shooting with, but also the fans. The blonde Milf enjoys practicing various types of sex and, wanting to please the man, gives herself even to a tight ass. Completely unashamed of the camera, the chick quite often works with her mouth and shows the audience how deep a standing member can push into the throat. Among other things, mommy loves cum on her face and regularly gets cumshots.

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