176 cm

Belle Claire, Claire Belle, Bella Clare, Belle Clair

26.05.1993 (30 years old)


55 kg

Real name:
It's no secret that today actresses of adult films exist in every country. However, many do not know that it is the Czech beauties who are the stars who turn everyone on. And all because they have sex with pleasure and get genuine orgasms from it, despite the fact that the process takes place in front of the cameras. Belle Claire was born in the Czech Republic, on May 26, 1993. The actress weighs only 55 kilograms, and her height is 175 centimeters, which, of course, speaks of slender and long legs. The sexy girl also has a flat tummy and a small but attractive chest, which easily attracts the eyes of the audience. Despite the fact that the beauty is still relatively young and inexperienced, one has only to watch a few films with her participation to understand that she has no experience. The girl performs such "turns", which many actresses refuse. Belle Claire is often filmed in scenes of lesbian, interracial and anal sex. The actress also takes part in scenes with masturbation and boldly shows fans that she can even cum on her own. But, perhaps, the favorite activity of an adult movie star is group sex, where she can get several members in a tight ass at once and earn the kind of orgasm she was striving for.

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