160 cm

Nicols Rodriguez

27.03.1995 (29 years old)


36 kg

Real name:
Baby Nicols was born on March 27, 1995 in Venezuela. The beauty is one of those porn stars who do not have tattoos, piercings or silicone breasts. A pretty Latin American woman easily became popular due to her stunning figure. The chick started her career in 2018, when she realized that she loves to have sex and wants to make money on it. The beauty weighs surprisingly little – only 36 kilograms. And this despite the fact that the height of the actress is 160 centimeters. The owner of a gorgeous figure and a cute face takes part in various scenes, starting with lesbian and ending with anal. It is worth noting that the first option attracts her much more, because the baby loves not only to bring her partners to the peak of pleasure with the help of a playful tongue, but also she loves to cum from gentle cunnilingus. Often, a Latina is filmed in solo films, where she demonstrates a gorgeous body to fans, and also gets a bright orgasm from skillful fingers and sometimes even toys. Do not forget about the scenes of triolism, as well as with interracial sex, from which Baby Nichols gets exactly as much pleasure as from other types, and also makes fans cum right at the screens.

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