170 cm

Elle Ferrera

15.01.1979 (45 years old)


52 kg

Real name:
Maria Restrepo
Everyone knows how sexy and attractive Colombian women can be. So Ariella Ferrera was no exception. She has a big ass and huge, albeit silicone, tits. At the same time, she weighs only 53 kilograms, and her height is 170 centimeters. The hot brunette was born on January 15, 1979 in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia. At the age of 5, she moved to Chicago, Illinois, USA, where she lived with her parents for a long time. It is known that in 2020 the star lives in California. All her life, the girl dreamed of becoming a dentist, but in the end, when she became one and started working in this direction, she thought about changing her profession. It happened at the moment when Ariella Ferrera started a conversation with one of the patients, who, as it turned out, starred in adult films. The girl talked so interestingly about her work that the future star left the dental clinic and in 2009 began a career in porn when she turned 30. It is not surprising that the anxious and hot brunette immediately began acting in the MILF genre, since, due to her age, she could already be attributed to moms. During her long career, she managed to win many different awards and nominations, and also boasts an impressive list of films in which she took part.

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