161 cm


27.04.1992 (31 years old)


46 kg

Real name:
Саманта Санчес Мартинес
Apolonia Lapiedra was born on April 27, 1992 in Spain. It's no secret that girls born in this country naturally have not only cute faces, but also gorgeous bodies. This girl is no exception and boasts an amazing figure with a weight of 46 kilograms, when her height is only 160 centimeters. Despite this, the brunette is the happy owner of slender legs and an elastic ass, which is watched by every fan, as well as a partner on the set. Despite the small breasts, Apolonia Lapidra still became popular and began to prove that it does not matter at all if there is something to surprise the audience. And this actress, frankly speaking, has something to show the fans, and experienced producers. She started, like many other stars, with lesbian scenes, and only then went further and began to try herself in traditional sex in front of the cameras. Then the beautiful Spaniard went further and to this day actively continues to engage even in anal sex, which, by the way, gives her much more pleasure, judging by loud moans and bright orgasms.

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