173 cm

Lilith Marshall, Lea Delmas

11.09.1989 (34 years old)


52 kg

Real name:
Anna Saganova
Anna Polina was born on September 11, 1989 in Leningrad, USSR. When the girl turned 10, her parents moved to France and took her with them. In 2008, a pretty beauty took the pseudonym Léa Delmas1 and first appeared on the screens as a porn actress. But, unfortunately, then she starred in only a few films. After that, the burning brunette, who was ready for anything for the sake of popularity, changed her stage name to Lilith Marshall again and continued to develop her career as an actress of adult films already in 2010. Next, the chick, whose height is 173 centimeters, and weight is 25 kilograms, continued to act in porn already under the current pseudonym. Anna has a large silicone breast, and therefore was able to quickly become famous and desirable. The actress also took part in a horror film created in France, and at the time of 2020 it is known that she works at a rock radio station called OUI FM. This does not prevent the pretty bitch from continuing to act in porn and getting not only money for her favorite activity, but also a violent orgasm. She does not refuse any of the proposed roles and is happy to act in scenes with lesbian, traditional and anal sex. Also, the girl is not averse to frolic in a group sex, and her favorite activity on the set is to watch how the members of the partners rise at the sight of slender legs in stockings and chic shapes.

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