177 cm

Renee Marie

04.11.1994 (29 years old)


58 kg

Real name:
On November 4, 1994, a future adult film star was born in New Jersey, USA. The long-legged beauty, as soon as she began her career in porn, immediately became one of the most desirable actresses of our time. And this is not surprising at all, because a pretty blonde with small breasts has not only a gorgeous figure that attracts the eyes, but also all the qualities that are simply necessary for the star of adult films. For example, a chick is not famous for high moral principles, which means that she is ready for absolutely anything, just to finish and earn money at the same time. Alexa Grace is also not averse to experimenting – this can be understood by looking at the list of films where she took part. There are paintings with scenes of lesbian, traditional, anal, and interracial, as well as group types of sex. Despite the fact that the beauty's height is 178 centimeters, she weighs only 55 kilograms. Without having big breasts, a baby can still easily excite even someone who is not attracted to small tits. Alexa Grace is still at the very beginning of her career, which means that she will gradually improve, gain experience and, of course, continue to please fans.

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