157 cm

Alena Ruzanova, Alexa Flaxy, Alexa Sexy, Alexa Flexy, Calibri

07.02.1997 (27 years old)


45 kg

Real name:
Алена Рузанова
Calibri or Alexa Flaxi is a Russian porn actress who became popular the moment she decided to start a career in adult entertainment. A pretty girl was born on February 7, 1997 in Russia. The beauty weighs 45 kilograms, and her height is 157 centimeters, which can excite not only the partners on the set, but also the viewers sitting at the monitors. This star is filmed exclusively in Russian porn, but at the same time has achieved incredible popularity, without expecting it. Most likely, this happened not only because of the actress' cute appearance, but also her talents. Alexa Flaxy spreads her legs as wide as even some gymnasts can't. An elastic ass and small but beautiful tits are what fans pay attention to in the second place. Such an ass can only be envied, but, fortunately, Alexa is not at all shy about showing it in front of the cameras. In addition, the cutie is not afraid to take big dicks deep into a tight hole. In addition to traditional and anal sex, Flaxy practices double penetration, and also participates in scenes of triolism and group sex.

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