170 cm


09.03.1998 (25 years old)


59 kg

Real name:
Cute and skinny Alex Blake was born on March 9, 1998 in California, USA. This cute chick, like many others, decided to start a career as a porn star just to become famous and, of course, to show off a gorgeous body. By the way, the baby clearly has something to be proud of, because with height and weight, which are equal to 170 centimeters and 59 kilograms, respectively, she has an elastic ass, small breasts, and long legs. With such parameters, the cutie easily became one of the most popular porn actresses in the world, despite her rather small age and the lack of some skills possessed by experienced stars. Fortunately, the girl loves hot sex, and therefore it should be expected that she will actively continue to act in such pictures and will soon learn absolutely everything. At the time of 2021, the baby is filmed in scenes of traditional, lesbian, interracial and anal sex. Quite often Alex Blake takes part in scenes of triolism and admits that she likes to suck a dick at the moment when a girlfriend from behind licks a sweet pussy with a playful tongue. Also, the beauty gets hard and rough sex, during which the partner completely takes the initiative and gives her unreal pleasure.

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