160 cm

Alessandra J, Little Ferguson, Alexa Jane, Alessandra Jane, Tatiana Maier

08.04.1994 (29 years old)


47 kg

Real name:
Alessandra Jane was born on April 8, 1994 and it can be said that she started her career in the porn industry relatively recently. It is not known exactly in which city the girl was born, but we can say for sure that it happened in Russia. A young and hot beauty with a large, albeit silicone, breast skillfully excites every partner on the set and every day becomes more popular and more attractive in the eyes of fans. The girl weighs 49 kilograms, and her height is 152 centimeters. Assessandra Jane is an ardent lover of big dicks, which she has repeatedly shown in films where she took part. And this despite the fact that the actress started with scenes with lesbian sex. After it seemed to the girl that with the help of traditional and even anal sex it is possible to become much more popular, she began to practice these types. A pretty and anxious Russian woman achieved fame and began to cooperate with many well-known studios, but she did not plan to stop there. She continues to do what she loves with great pleasure and boldly fucks in all holes in front of the cameras.

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